Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my morphing picture

i just found a very interesting website dat doing morphing thang.. here's the link Guyz check it out my hot pitcha ere.. ehehehe..
orlando bloom: its ok.. the eyes were pretty similar with me..(really??)

penn badgley: dun know dis guys but sorry i make u look a bit chubbier. but hey we're looking like latino!

saddam hussein: my fav pic of all tyme.. thanx to me i make ur face 50 years younger..

toby maguire: hell yeah!! im the new spiderman.. but my left eye looks weird!

tom cruise: i did'nt see me in this picture.. tom u look fat ok? hahahah..

ashton kutcher: arghhh!! u've been punk'd!! handsome version of ashton kutcher..

ben affleck: tadaaa.. my bestest pic of all! dis is so like me... ahhahahah..

heath ledger: again! eyes problem..
jensen ackles: nutting change.. wasting my tyme..

keanu reeves: why ourself looks like brandon boyd? ermm.. wutever!



Sadam suit you well brotha..ahaks

Me?...keanu reeves i think..hahhahaa

M.N Hisham said...

kata ko...