Monday, June 15, 2009

Melaka Drift!

Yesterday i went to one of my friend's wedding, Aswad which were held in Kuala Sg. Baru,Melaka. Congrats Aswad for ur wedding, hope to see ur productivity of children soon.. ehhehe.. Having a great time at the wedding, eventhough we're the last one who arrived (which is automatically made ourself as VVIP, hehe) but still the couple treated us well.

Then, we moved to another occasion, A famosa Resort as one of my colleaque gave a suggestion to watch a drift match there. It was not an obstacles to reach our destination as i once were used to stay in melaka during my matriculation time. The game were almost over as we enter the place, but still my adrenaline raised highly while enjoying the drift. It was so mesmerizing! The sound of the machine were so angry and loud, i cant barely listened when my friend talking to me. After the heart pumping match over I managed to snap picture with Tengku Djan who were one of the famous drifter in Malaysia.

At 7pm, the sky turning into dark as a sign for us to get back to KL. I felt exhausted, tired and dizzy but still have my enjoyable moment there. Ops sorry Sarol, cant lepaking with u coz i arrived home at 230 am and it was so late..ehhehe..

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