Thursday, May 14, 2009

Attending an english course and Onyok

For the past two days, i was attending an english course in my workplace. There were 21 participants in this course with 2 lecturers. The course was held in Seagate Hall, Surgery Dept Ukmmc. The beginning of the course was rather slow, but it's getting better during the end. There's a lot that had been teaching, but as usual i absorbed it just a bit..ehhehe.. I remember the english time during my secondary school, my friend sarol was my teacher's favourite target. "Boy at the back! Can u answer my question??"Shout my teacher. And sarol was looking at me and say"Again??". I just laugh and it's all i able to do. Ok lets back to the present. I got a pen and a bag as souvenir for the course but i think the bag was'nt suitable for a boy like me. I'll give it to my sis i guess.

thanks for the sweet Mdm Maslawati

Today I woke up a bit earlier than usual. After taken my breakfast which is maggie that my mom's cook, I sat on the couch while watching tv. Suddenly I heard a noise outside the house. And it was my cat "Gemook" or sometimes I called him "Onyok". He was playing with a straw. "Gemook!!!!" I shouted out loud. I ran to him but he was so fast hiding himself from me.

Onyok was so busy playing with a straw

this is the result after 1/2 hrs of playing

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