Monday, May 11, 2009

The journey to east coast of malaysia

Hello readers. Today i wanna write about my trip to kuala terengganu. The journey started at 7am on 8th May 2009. It was a very sleepy morning in my life. Luckily, I already had my luvly car serviced 2 days before the long vacation. Me, my mother, my 2 sis and my lil bro were included in this trip. Actually we plan to take my sis which is studying in Uitm Dungun, but in spite of bring back my sis, we were planning on something more fun that is visiting Kuala Terengganu. Before the trip, my sis already booking a stay at seaview hotel. A very practical hotel i guess yet very economic. It is located just opposite the maziah palace, next to Dataran Syah Bandar and Pasar Payang.

Ok.. about 2pm we arrived at the hotel and had a rest before continue our journey. After taking a shower and solat, my sis invited me to have a breezy walk around the hotel. Wowww.. its a really breathtaking view. We snapped some pictures around Maziah Palace and Dataran Syah Bandar before heading to a beach near Sultan Mahmud Airport.

That night, we were having our dinner at a very decorative stall nearby the airport. The food was mouth watering and the price was not bad.

After taking our dinner, we went back to the hotel and had a warm shower. I am so tired that night. Fortunately, I had a very long and good sleep that day.. On the next day, we were all woke up earlier than ever. The excitement of the journey was on fire. We had a simple breakfast with a bread and a milk. The first place to go is my car. Today we're having a walk using my car around bandar Kuala Terengganu. Several places that we went were the famous Crystal Mosque, Muzium Kuala Terengganu, Losong, Merang, Pulau Musang, Mydin's Mall and lastly but not least was the well known Pasar Payang. After that, we had a ride to Pantai Batu Burok and having dinner at Chendering. Around 8.30pm we went back to the hotel. Yuhuu.. I want to watch AF concert tonite and as expected Aril managed to enter AF again. Good luck Aril.... Terbaikkkk wokkkkkkk!!!!

On the last day in Kuala Terengganu, we had our morning meals at a stall next to the hotel. And u know what, the roti canai was the best and so delicious. My sis told us to fetch her at 2pm, so we have plenty of time to take a picture on our way back to Dungun and visited Masjid Terapung and Pantai Rantau Abang. This is the most gorgeous beach i ever see. I am so excited to take the picture.

After had my skin tanned with all the photograpy sessions( thanx to my sis), we continue our journey to Dungun. Oh! I almost forgot. Actually we're had our lunch at Marang's Jetty which I think the view is fantastic and the food was good. We arrived at Dungun around 230pm and took my sis. Before heading back to Kl, my mum had her last shopping at Kemaman and bought 'kerepok lekor". Yummy...hehehe.. although i felt so exhausted but it was a cool trip doh.. We're already has a plan to go to Cemerong Waterfall.. i'm so looking forward to go there..

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