Sunday, May 09, 2010

Have You Met Jenna Maroney Yet?

Excuse me. Do you ever heard a woman named Jenna Maroney? I've been searching her for all my life you know. Who? Never heard the name before? Owh, so you don't know her...  *dissappointed*. Never mind, but do you mind if i'm telling you a bit of herself?

Jenna Maroney was a great woman with such a colourful personality. Do you watch "30 Rock"? She was one of my favourite character in the show which have been American's hit tv show. Jane Krakowski was her real name and nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the role in 2009. What's so good with her? I list it down  for you:
  • She was so gorgeous with her beautiful blonde hair
  • And yes she was a dumb blonde and being air headed and self centered
  • Using her boobs assets to attract man
  • Flirt was her middle name. She was so in love to flirt!
  • She lost her virginity while listening to My Fair Lady soundtrack
  • Don't tell any secret to her because she had a habit of spilling secrets (nvm, I still your big fan!)
  • She was one of the most hilarious woman in the world and i'm just one of those fan who adore her so much!
See? Flirting until her nose bleed. There you go Jenna Maroney!!

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