Sunday, May 30, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3!

Hello peeps. First of all, please play the video below.

*pssstttt! It's a new toy that I would like to see the most...

Yehaaaa.. The warmest welcome to our one and only Mr. Pricklespants! Isn't him cute? Yeah, it was so cute and very friendly too. Don't you know him? It's a new toy in town which is the coolest character in the new hit coming movie, Toy Story 3!

 "Hello there, my name is Mr. Pricklepants. Let me tell you a brief about myself.  I'm a charming hedgehog and the ideal partner for your favorite forest. I may look like there are prickly, but i'm made out of down so you can cuddle me a lot.. So do you want to cuddle me then?".

What make Mr. Pricklepants so special? You wanna know? Here's the point. When Timothy Dalton was added to the cast of Toy Story 3, it was immediately clear that his character would be a stand-out amongst the new toys over at Sunnyside Daycare. Why? Because it's a character voiced by Timothy Dalton and it's a character named Mr. Pricklepants! Who's Timothy Dalton? (click to find out!)  He used to be the lead of a famous character, James Bond!

I was so eager and excited to watch this movie. Hope that it will be as good as the movie before. And with the addition of new characters, I guess Toy Story 3 is a perfect movie to watch. And not to forget to watch my newest buddy, Mr. Pricklepants! Here's the trailer of the movie. Enjoy guys!

Nota Kureno: It is one of my favorite movie ever!

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