Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ronnie Got Lucky ! Introducing Malaysia's First Online Interactive Short Movie

 The Dialogue.

"Hello I'm Lonnie."
"Lonnie (Ronnie)."
"I don't speak English but I'll try."
"This is Lizzie."
"Oh! My baby."
Somebody calling.
"Hey Ronnie!"
"Can't you hear me?"
"People said if u really love someone, you have to set them free."
"Forget Her... It's already six months."
"Yes, it's been that long since I touched a woman."
"Emotionally I mean."
"Ronnie, there's many fishes in the sea."
"Chin Chin!"
"Chung Chung!"
(Ronnie still staring at the Lizzie's picture)
"Look at me."
"Here.. Speed Dating Programme!"
"Go and Check it out!"

An interactive short film by Liew Seng Tat.
A story about the relationship between web browsers and YOU!
Malaysia's first online interactive short movie.
Which mean u can choose the scene of your choice.
Click to watch the movie!

Pstttt... Brought to you by and Internet Explorer 8

Nota Kureno: Seriously sangat2 interesting and funny oso! Jom kita layan ramai2..

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